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The New Worlds engine main goal is to be a fully flexible and game independent game engine. Which means, you should be able to add functionality without having to edit even a single file in the existing code. You will be able to create any type of game with our engine without having to modify too much.

The game engine supports multiple templates as well as multiple languages, and shall offer a secure code to start to develop your game.

SQL injections (for the official modules as well as the core code) is prevented due to the correct usage of the MySQLi library. XSS security issues have been checked as well.

Modules you purchase or free modules you obtain from the New Worlds marketplace will
be safe and secure. We will review each module submitted to us before allowing you to
download them. Any modules found elsewhere could contain security issues which we cannot
prevent. Therefore, we strongly suggest you install only modules which come from the New
Worlds marketplace.

A demo (with admin rights) is available here: Demo.

Free version.
A demo of the free: Demo.
Download self installer.

For more information, please visit our wiki manual.

For support for the packages and the official modules you may either use the forums: Indie Resource Forums
or via Email: nwe@funmayhem.com

The engine requires PHP 5.1 or above to run as well as MySQL 5 or above.
As library the engine requires:
  • GD
  • XML Reader & XML Writer
  • DOM Document
  • CURL or allows fsockopen
  • MySQLi
For the database:
  • InnoDB engine
  • Right to create, select, insert, update, delete within a database schema.
You may try our experimental module converter:
- McCode V2.0 module converter.

Note: the convertion is partial, and shall be used only as a quick first pass, you shall then edit the module to really use NWE features. We don't guarentee that the generated code will be usuable.
Some of the notable features:

Easy to configure tutorial for your players, shows where to click, what to do, and guides them at the beginning.

Full featured administration panel, allows to configure, edit content, and control your game.

See in real time how your game is going, how many registrations, how many page views and more.

Start now without efforts! Use our uploader tool to install the engine on your server: Uploader tool

Example of a game done by a 3rd party using NWE: Villains and Heroes