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Some of the notable features:

Easy to configure tutorial for your players, shows where to click, what to do, and guides them at the beginning.

Full featured administration panel, allows to configure, edit content, and control your game.

Most modules have configuration keys which can be edited live via the administration panel.

Change all game texts (from the engine or the modules) directly from the administration panel without editing the code.

See in real time how your game is going, how many registrations, how many page views and more.

Enable / Disable modules, check their versions, see who did them and see if there is a possible upgrade on the marketplace.

Create new modules easily, even with the help of a wizard.

Paypal integration which can be even checked via the paypal sandbox.

Edit important database tables directly from the administraion panel and for complex logical or action column a code wizard will help you in the process.

Embeded profiler let you find slow code and directly see what's behind each pages.

Rich text editor let your players send messages and forum posts in a nicer way.

Edit / debug the code of your modules directly from within the web page, in case of an error, you will be able to directly jump on the right file on the right row and fix the bug quickly.