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Converter helper from McCode 2.0 to NWE.
Please note that it does only part of the conversion work, just as helper. You will need to finish quiet certainly the conversion by hand and at least test your code.

McCode V 2.0 module source:
So what is supported:
- $userid => $userID
- $ir["something"] => $userStats["something"]->value
- removes the include of global.php
- removes the $h->endpage
- mysql_query("something") => $db->Execute("something")
- $db->query("something") => $db->Execute("something")
- mysql_insert_id => $db->LastId()
- mysql_num_rows($q) => $q->NbRows
- $db->num_rows($q) => $q->NbRows
- item_add(...) => Item::InventoryAdd(...)
- item_remove(...) => Item::InventoryRemove(...)
- event_add(...) => SotrePersonalLog(...)
- Adds the Translate function around the echo and print strings.

What it doesn't do:
- Convert the links / buttons
- Put the query values as parameters of the $db->Execute
- Uses the table header / table footer
- Generates the menu.php or whatever other files
- Convert the db structure